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-[[Image Recorder & Bjoern Büchner]] (DJ Set)+[[Idklang]] (AT)
-Technofreunde die ihre gemeinsame Leidenschaft hinter den Plattenspielern zu einem Fest fuer alle Technofreunde machenJa Techno!+Idklang (formerly known as Id) is the solo set of guitarist, singer and producer Markus Steinkellner (Jakuzi’s Attempt, Artists In Revolt, FA TECH, Arktis/Air).
 +During the past years IDKLANG has been busy performing and writing music. The unique variety of his sound sees him on a lot of different stages and floors, sharing them with bands and musicians like Health, Nadja, Acid Mothers Temple, Mauro Pawlowski (dEUS), Merzbow/​Pandi,​ Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow), Otto von Schirach, Fuckhead, KK Null,  Zeni Geva, Ava Mendoza, Monno and Native. ​
 +Since 2009 he’s been playing shows all over Europe, South-America and Asia, including appearances at Festivals like „Wiener Festwochen“ (Wien, AT), „Elevate“,​ „Hörgerede“ and „steirischer herbst“ (Graz, AT), „Fuga Industrial“ (Buenos Aires, ARG) or „Boomtown“ (Gent, BE).