Following STWST48 in 2015, this year Stadtwerkstatt, the nerve center of Linz' free/open culture, presents STWST48x2, 48 hours non-stop not-comply happenings along the Danube waters. As a showcase for many of Stadtwerkstatt’s cultural initiatives, STWST48x2 brings together local and international artists, cultural workers, network mediators in its hybrid approach towards new art contexts.

information lab explores the nature of information; Quasikunst in its research mode exposes the irrational beneath rationality; Radio active – sink and swim Eleonore summer2016 residency takes up frequencies, signals, waves as means of trans/MISSION; 7067KHZ – it’s not a test seeks to convene a Post-Net network via radio signaling; freq club pumps up oscillating frequencies; Café Strom holds court to its in flux visitors.

[CREW] Michael Aschauer, Shu Lea Cheang, Andreas Heissl, Jörg Parnreiter, Christine Pavlic, Felix Vierlinger, Franz Xaver / [DOCUMENTATION] Elmar Eisenberger, Daniel Stimmeder, Dominik Thaller / [POSTER DESIGN] Ortner Schinko