QUASIKUNST ⇒ is a research initiative, conceived by Tanja Brandmayr for Stadtwerkstatt. Quasikunst in its research mode collects projects of low tech/no tech which position themselves in new art contexts.  There is a loose reference of Quasikunst to the existing terms of quasi objects and the irrational connections beneath a surface of rationality. While its dialectic turn can be considered very well known, on the other hand, it is an advanced form of it, aiming to construct a complex and extreme opposite way of thinking -  like inconsistent oppositions talking on irrational contexts. Or opposite systems are correlating diffuse, creating paradox connections under a simple (or even mechanical) surface. So opposites are confronting each other, there is no solution in yes or no.

⇒ Tanja Brandmayr f.o.g. Ballett / Pamela Neuwirth Purple Haze / KARKATAG The Rehearsal ;