Tanja Brandmayr
f.o.g. Ballett

A space installation with 2D-Glasses. Fog as an actor: In the middle of a room is a fog machine and blows the room full with fog. At first smoke shows always newly emerging three-dimensional random structures. Later the fog spreads. The windrows become a uniformly distributed dense mass, concealing, hiding - and dissolving space. As the fog passes through these immaterial sculptural atmospheric conditions, it becomes a diffuse movement ballet itself. The fog installation shall also be provided with a projector, which is projecting images of different bodies and movements onto the fog. So the fog is not only actor, but also becomes a projection screen. A projection area, which permanently changes form and surface, what simulates only effects of spatial perception. Attached are 2D-glasses, which are simple no-tech cardboard glasses, leaving only an eye open. This voluntary reduction to one seeing eye, this renunciation of the two images, which normally make possible three-dimensional perception of space in the human brain, by not entirely congruent perspective shift, can be read as a symbolic and timeless dialectic statement about progress and barbaric vacuity, concretely the frenzied technological development and a parallel rationalization of all spheres of life.

In a way, f.o.g. ballet is a quasi-staging of space, of dimension, reduction, extension, interior, irrationality and criticism. In an artistic setting, in a creation of far drifting opposites, various aspects of perspective shift and contradiction are be pushed back and forth, between fog as an actor, abstraction and human dimension.

Tanja Brandmayr worked for many years and in different contexts between text, staging and art. In the past, numerous performative theatrical stage works. In recent years, coming back to textually-performative works and advanced art formats. Recent work from 2016: “Innenraum Lavinia”, “Kulturfrauenballett”, “Überflieger”, “f.o.g. Ballet”. Editor and cultural journalist for arts and culture magazines: “Die Referentin” and “Versorgerin”. Lives in Linz/Austria.