Radio active – sink and swim

In the winter of 2008-2009, the 100 year old Station Messschiff Eleonore was bought, adapted and docked by the Donautic team at the Danube harbor in Linz. Since 2009, Eleonore, once a survey vessel, has been powered by solar energy, equipped with radio components and modified to host artists in residency. As part of Stadtwerkstatt’s cultural initiatives that focus on free/open culture and information technology, Eleonore declares itself an autonomous art ship gathering local and international residents for meetings, debates, research and lab works.

Stadtwerkstatt has since 1993 involved with free radios and open frequencies movement. This summer, “RADIO ACTIVE – SINK and SWIM with Eleonore”, Eleonore’s residency 2016 opens its beds and decks to receive free flowing, temporal residents for special trans/MISSION daze in the Danube waterways. The spectrum is set free. Ride the waves and dive into the Danube. We call for transmit-ers, wave-surfers, code-breakers, swimmers, boat people, (un)wired creatures to brave the troubled waters, take on water as medium for transmission and expand on Eleonore’s radio beacon project that started in 2011 with Armin Medosch, Nina Wernhard, and Franz Xaver.

We have also invited Tetsuo Kogawa of Polimorphous Space, an influential figure in underground radio art, Mini-FM, microradio, as honorable artist in residency. Recalling his Radioart Manifesto (published in 2008), we launch this year’s residency with his statements:

“No more broad-casting; no more art-radio.
The point is transmission itself: radioart is radiation art.”


⇒ Elaine W.Ho & Ming Lin Widow Radio Ching / Xavier Faltot La Chambre à Air / Eva Ursprung Courtship Sound of Piranha / Sarah Grant & Danja Vasiliev QFM / Nicolas Montgermont Axis Mvndi / Magmadam Prototipa / Ryan Jordan Currents Below The System / Enrique Tomas SDR Music / Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits Pond Radio ;