in collaboration with radio fro 105.0


TIME: 14:00 – 18:00, September 10, 2016

LOCATION: Main deck


Fritz Poetzelberger

Benjamin Gumpenberger


Yasmine on Air

BYOR - bring your own radio, takes radio FRO’s radio bike broadcast system out on the main deck in front of Stadtwerkstatt building. Along the staircase by the main deck, we install many portable mini-radios gathering the visitors around, going back to the analogue times when radio listening is a community activity.

The topic TALK FREQUENCIES recalls Tetsuo Kogawa’s a radio art manifesto (2008) and Robert Adrian X' Toward a Definition of Radio Art (2011) as we retrieves the yellow paper submitted in Austria to the cultural ministry for demanding free frequencies open channel in the early 90s. There exists a long history with Stadtwerkstatt’s involvement in free, public access, art oriented radio frequencies. Based on the proposal Der Backensender by Nina Wenhart, Armin Medosch and Franz Xaver in 2011, this year STWST/Eleonore launches 7067 khz - it`s not a test, calling for global signal transmit using the 7067khz frequency. While radio FRO devotes itself in community/independent radio with diversified programs, there remains the lack of frequencies for the sake of ‘radio art” - radio as a medium for art. At this time when net radio streams are common practice, TALK FREQUENCIES revisits the frequencies, pirated, licensed, free or on loan. We reflect backward and envision forward as we situate ourselves in post-net-post-digital-post-media-post-city of future|present.

Moderation: Simone Boria ,Sarah Praschak, Franz Xaver

Participants: Tim Boykett, Fadi Dorninger, Fabrikanten, Reni Hofmüller, Max Kossatz, Norbert Math, Armin Medosch, Ushi Reiter, Martin Wassermair, Nina Wenhart