Franz Xaver
Informing the Water

“Informing the Water” is an experiment, an art installation that feeds information back to the water. In this installation the DSL technologies is used to broadcast the information packets in high frequencies through water. Water is the basis of life and life is the basis of information. We want to bring water and information together. Water has a dielectric characteristic and so we can work with its electromagnetic waves. The water molecule is not neutral, it is polarized. The water clusters hold together the doublehelix in the DNA. While we recognize anomalies in the characterisitic of water, we do not concern ourselves with the memory or mystic of water. We pursue water in the art-context to find new physical arguments.

Franz Xaver
 has been working regularly since 2005 with the art-label KUNSTLABOR and FUNKFEUER and the first wireless internet service provider ”silverserver” in Austria. 
From 2003 to 2007 he has been running the medienkunstlabor in the kunsthaus graz. Since 2008 he is a worker in the team of the stadtwerkstatt linz. He has since 1986 realized many radio frequency projects from 16HZ to 2455 Mhz.